Thursday, November 9, 2006

me... singing the same song over and over..

Couple days ago, i was at my friend’s car when he suddenly turned up the volume of the mp3 player and started to sing along.. I’d never heard the song before.. After following a line or two.. I started to laugh out loud.. It’s one of the songs from Pop Circus (the latest album from Project Pop) entitled Ngancem.. Since it’s Project Pop’s, I guess it’s supposed to be funny.. But this one, I found the lyric was so hilarious.. My friend kept repeating the song over and over.. and I just couldn’t stop laughing...

I’m posting the lyric here so you could picture it, though you’ve still got to hear the song your self... You might not find it that funny.. But I don’t know.. for me and my friend that night on the car all the way to Bandung (escaping the black out in this middle of nowhere called Jatinangor), the song was very funny.. Uhmm.. Probably because we associated it with one little story we’re kinda familliar with.. Hehehehehe.. Again, I don’t know..

Ngancem - Project Pop

kalau nanti kau jadi pacar temanku
hati-hati dengan kupingku
jika sampai ku dengar kamu selingkuh
hindari jumpa denganku

kalau nanti kau jadi pacar temanku
hati-hati dengan mataku ya
jika sampai ku lihat wajahnya murung
kupanggil orang sekampung

***aku sudah lebih dahulu coba jadi pacarnya
tapi ku ditolak melulu
cuma bisa jadi sahabatnya

kalau nanti kau jadi pacar temanku
hati-hati jaga dirinya
dia terluka
kau pasti merana

kalau nanti kau jadi pacar temanku
hati-hati dengan hidungku
jika sampai ku cium hidung belangmu
ku belahkan hidung aslimu

jika nanti temanku jadi pacarmu
hati-hati dengan matanya
kalau sampai dia nangis karna ulahmu
ku cukur sebelah alismu

jika kau bosan jadi pacar temanku
jangan coba kau buang dirinya

kembalikan dia kepadaku
kembalikan dia kepadaku
kembalikan dia kepadaku

Hmm... it still makes me laugh every single time..

Yesterday, after a very exciting class about Semiotics, I spent long hours doing the “take home” exam with my friends. And right when I felt I was about to explode, my friend Danan called (he’s the friend i’ve mentioned before at the beginning of this post__see..I write down your name on my blog.. ), he said he was bored to death and then we decided to go to Bandung.

First we thought we’d grab a fine dinner at Sierra. But half the way there, i suddenly felt like watching movie.. Hehehe.. So we went to Paris van Java, the new spot located in Sukajadi. I’d been there two times before, watching Departed and Devil Wears Prada. The place’s got Blitz Megaplex with its 9 big theaters and a very cozy atmosphere.. I really like it there..

Without considering Danan’s desire to watch Kuntilanak (hehehe.. sorry babe, you know i never like horrors), we watched The Guardian.. The story’s about United States Coast Guards, starring Kevin Costner and Ashton Kutcher.. Hmm.. Ashton Kutcher’s so damn pretty, huh.. (Lucky you, Demi! ) hehehe.. Overall the movie’s not bad.. We had quite a good time.. The movie finished past midnight and we both walked out the theater trying hard not to scream..HUNGRY!!!! Hehehehe.. We grabbed a bite at CabeRawit, the one in Ciumbuleuit, and then we went home.. Sleepy yet happy.. Hehehehe.. Thanks for the fine night,pal.. Hope it cheered you up..

Today was just fine... I went to an interesting discussion this afternoon, What Killed The Newspaper, it was basicly about the vanishing newspaper nowadays.. After that, i met few friends and then we went to eat.. I met somene who’s completely ruined my “just fine day”.. Someone who’s trying to cut me out of his life for a silly reason.. Hey, could you just grow up and be a man??

Enough from me.. I bet no one’s reading these craps anyway.. Da svidaniya!


Anonymous November 9, 2006 at 11:26 PM  

i am reading and they are not craps...

dEe November 13, 2006 at 9:34 PM  

kyknya gw tau d knp that song so funny 4 u babes..

tp klo gw ga sotoy..

tp klo bnr,, kyknya mang dlm bgt..

nisa November 17, 2006 at 2:05 PM  

dee: hehehe... maksudnya sih cuma becandaan aja,yan.. makanya jd lucu.. tapi kalo tnyata emang bneran ya maap2.. hehehe.. hopefully sih smuanya udh 'normal' lg skarang..