Monday, March 23, 2009

Earth Hour '09!!!

Earth Hour 2009!

It's that time of the year again, guys! After an extremely, extremely successful EH 08, we will once again be "hosting" Earth Hour.

On March 28, 8:30pm your timezone, wherever you live on planet earth, simply switch off your lights for one hour!

For additional information click here;

Hope you will participate!!


My personal notes:

I have no doubt, the first Earth Hour was a good opportunity to draw attention to the need for energy efficiency.. But then somehow I think that the spread of Earth Hour derivative events have turned it into an excuse for people to feel good about suspending their bad consumption habits for an hour, then starting them up again.. :( *sigh*

This year, beside turning our lights off for an hour, how about we also use Earth Hour as an opportunity to make a permanent change to our energy consumption habits. It's not gonna be easy.. But we can at least try.. Earth loves us sooo much, let's love it back a lil bit more.. ;)

Monday, March 16, 2009

sekarang tolong jelaskan..

kenapa saya harus membagi gelisah jiwa saya

pada sejalin ikatan yang simpulnya mengurai

pendar-pendar rasa yang terbawa angin

pada kata-kata saya

toh tak dapat terlihat oleh matanya yang nyalang

panas nafas saya yang menderu

pun tak dapat menyentuh lembut kulitnya

lantas kenapa saya harus terus meracau

melagukan risau, cita, dan perih

ketika risau saya tak tertangkap penglihatannya

ketika cita saya luput dari genggamannya

dan ketika perih saya tak tersentuh manis kecupnya

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Guy "Phrases" (Translated) *wink*


1. He says: "I'm pretty much single."
He means: "I have a girlfriend, but you're hot."

2. He says: "We should hang out sometime."
He means: "I'm afraid you'll say no if I ask you out."

3. He says: "I'm not looking for a relationship."
He means: "I really just want to do you."

4. He says: "Shall we split the check?"
He means: "I'm not that into you."

5. He says: "Here's an idea: Why don't I just meet you at the restaurant?"
He means: "I'm not gonna pull out all the stops just yet, so I'm not picking you up at your place."

6. He says: "You're such a great friend."
He means: "I never want to date you."

7. He says: "How long was your last relationship?"
He means: "Are you up for a fling or looking for something long-term?"

8. He says: "I'm still getting over a breakup."
He means: "I plan to get over my breakup by dating lots of chicks."

9. He says: "I don't play games."
He means: "I'm a master at game playing, but I don't want you to play them."

10. He says: "I'll call you later."
He means: "I may or may not call you at some point between now and three months from now."

11. He says: "My ex is crazy."
He means: "I screwed her over, and she got upset."

12. He says: "I'm not good at relationships."
He means: "I don't think you're important enough for me to put in much effort."

13. He says: "Let's not rush into things."
He means: "I'm still deciding whether you're girlfriend material."

14. He says: "Your friend is great!"
He means: "If I weren't seeing you, I would go for your friend."


15. He says: "My family has been asking about you."
He means: "We are definitely a couple."

16. He says: "My friends loved you when they met you!"
He means: "I think I may love you too."

17. He says: "He seems like a good friend of yours."
He means: "Was there ever a thing between you?"

18. He says: "I'm sorry i haven't called."
He means: "I'm not sorry, but I don't want to deal wit your wrath."

19. He says: "I've never been with someone like you."
He means: "How did I manage to land you?"

20. He says: "My mom is like that around new people."
He means: "My mom isn't a fan of yours."

21. He says: "I'm not going to change."
He means: "I don't have the balls to break up with you, so I'm going to force you to dump me."

22. He says: "Seems like a lot of your friends are starting to get married and have kids."
He means: "Uh-oh, you're going to start freaking out soon."

Dude Behavior

23. He says: "I thought I knew her."
He means: "I was checking her out."

24. He says: "It's a guy thing."
He means: "If I tell you, you'll think I'm an animal."

25. He says: "It's a long story."
He means: "It's a story that makes me look bad."

26. He says: "I don't get why girls like him."
He means: "I'm feeling insecure, so say something reassuring."

27. He says: "I was good on boys' night."
He means: "Good is a relative term...but I didn't cheat on you."

28. He says: "My friend is so whipped!"
He means: "I'm a little hurt that my buddy is choosing a chick over me."


29. He says: "You look hot."
He means: "Can we have sex later?"

30. He says: "Isn't that a little revealing for girls' night?"
He means: "I don't want guys hitting on you."

31. He says: "Do I look okay?"
He means: "I'm not going to change, so this better be okay."

32. He says: "That's a new look."
He means: "You look weird."

33. He says: "I really like those shoes."
He means: "I am in so much trouble. I'd better make nice."

Serious Discussions

34. He says: "I just need some space."
He means: "I want out."

35. He says: "I didn't know it would upset you this much."
He means: "I knew it would upset you a little, and that's why I didn't tell you."

36. He says: "Don't you think that's a little bit unreasonable?"
He means: "You're off your rocker, lady."

37. He says: "Why are you being so emotional?"
He means: "Why are you acting like a psycho?"

38. He says: "Yeah, I guess you're right."
He means: "I disagree, but more than anything, I want to end this."

39. He says: "It's not a big deal."
He means: "It's a big deal, but I'm hoping I can fool you into thinking it's not."

40. He says: "That's not what I meant."
He means: "That's totally what I meant, but now that I see you're mad, I wish I hadn't said it out loud."

41. He says: "You're being such a girl."
He means: "I don't understand you at all."

42. He says: "It's fine."
He means: "It's not actually fine, but I'm in no mood to discuss it."

43. He says: "Can we talk about this later?"
He means: "I never want to talk about this again."


44. He says (in bed): "I love you."
He means: "I love the sex that I have with you."

45. He says: "I don't want the night to end. Want to hang out some more?"
He means: "Let's cut to the chase. Am I getting lucky tonight?"

46. He says: "How many guys have you been with?"
He means: "Tell me I'm the best you've had."

47. He says: "I don't masturbate all that often."
He means: "I masturbate more often than you wash your hands."

48. He says: "I want to watch you touch yourself."
He means: "I am having trouble figuring you out and need pointers."

49. He says: "Did you finish?"
He means: "I hope you finished, because I finished and, boy, am I sleepy!"

50. He says: "You've never done that before--where did you learn it?"
He means: "Have you been hooking up with other dudes?"

Taken from : Cosmopolitan Feb 09

Hate to admit, but I think most of them are trueeeee!!!

Hmmm.. # 1, 6, 7, 15, 17, 18, 20, 25, 26, 27, 30, 31, 35, 36, 37, 39, 40, 41, 42.. BEEN THERE..*sigh*

Whoooops.. Wait.. #42.. been there, DONE THAT, actually.. =p

So how bout you?? Any..umm.. 'experiences', maybe, Girls?? Boys.. defense?? LOL..

Let's hear them out.. ;)

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

you know, it's almost like... .

It's almost like you had it planned
It's like you smiled and shook my hand and said
"Hey, I'm about to screw you over big time"
And what was I supposed to do?
I was stuck in between you and hard place
We won't talk about the hard place

But I don't blame you anymore
That's too much pain to store
It left me half dead
Inside my head
And boy, looking back I see
I'm not the girl I used to be
When I lost my mind
It saved my life

It's how you wanted it to be
It's like you played a joke on me
And I lost a friend
In the end
And I think that I cried for days
But now that seems light years away
And I'm never going back
To who I was

Cause I don't blame you anymore
That's too much pain to store
It left me half dead
Inside my head
And boy, looking back I see
I'm not the girl I used to be
When I lost my mind
It saved my life

I think that I cried for days
But now that seems light years away
And I'm never going back
To who I was

Cause I don't blame you anymore
That's too much pain to store
It left me half dead
Inside my head
And boy, looking back I see
I'm not the girl I used to be
When I lost my mind
It saved my life

That life seems like light years away
Light years away
And that life seems like light years away
Light years away

(Light Years Away - Mozella)

There is definitely no other song that can possibly describe it all as perfect as this one, don't you think?

ps. I HEART Mozella so so so so MUCH.. Her voice simply blows my mind!!!!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

a thank you note ^^

dear you,

Cuy, makasi yaaaaaaaa lo dateng ke Jakarta di saat yang sangat tepat.. Di saat gw sangat sangat sangat butuh lo.. Atau mungkin lebih tepatnya gw harus berterima kasih ke bos lo karena udah nugasin lo ke Jakarta di saat yang pas banget sahabatlo lagi 'ancur2an' di sini.. Hehehehe.. Ya ya ya gw tau lo dateng buat urusan kerja.. Ya ya ya.. gw tau lo dateng cuma dua hari doang.. (hiksss.. coba sampe Senin depaaan!!!)Tapi gw teramat sangat bersyukur bangeeetttttttt lo dateng.. Dan gw bisa ketemu lo.. Dan gw bisa 'numpahin' semuanya sama lo.. Dan as always, lo bisa buat gw senyum (bahkan ketawa), di tengah semua 'kekacauan' ini.. THANK YOU!!

It sucks big time that you live far far away.. I miss you a lottttt! Gw (dan nyokaplo.. dan oma lo.. hehe) berdoa gila2an biar lo bisa ditempatin di Jakarta lagi as soon as possible.. Amin amin amin aminnnnnn..

Love you so much, best friend!! *hugs*

Monday, March 2, 2009

Pick another song, Cupcake!

Lihatlah sebuah titik jauh di tengah laut
Makin lama makin jelas
bentuk rupanya
Itulah kapal api yang sedang berlayar
Asapnya yang putih mengepul di udara
(Kapal Api)

That was one of my favorite songs as a kid.. Damn I'm getting more and more disturbed seeing children singing adult songs these days. The time will come, Kiddos, when you can sing any song about love (between a man and a woman), cheating, heartbreak, separation, you name it. Trust me, the time will eventually come. Until then, can you please pick another song that's much more appropriate for your age, Sweeties?? Mommies, Daddies, Nannies, anyone out there.. can you help them out??? THANK YOU!