Saturday, February 17, 2007

i'll think of you 'til then.. 'til we meet again..

I've been missing some friends of mine for some time now.. Some of them have been very busy lately that we can't seem to find the time to hang out, or even to chat on the phone...

First, there's my 'brother' back in highschool, we actually go to the same uni and (technically) live less than a mile apart.. We're close and he always considers me as the little sister he's never had.. We used to tell each other everything.. But now, I haven't seen him for months!!! It's like we're living in the two completely different worlds.. We've been busy and can't seem to find the right time to meet and chat face to face.. I miss him.. I miss the old times..

Then there's one of my girl from epals (my so-called-gang back in highschool.. hehe..).. We go to the different uni and different city.. Not that far, actually.. But still.. The only place where we probably could get together is Jakarta.. Sadly, most of the times that she goes back to Jakarta, I'm not there.. And by the time I go to jakarta, she's not there either.. It's been years since the last time I met her.. Sometimes we catch up by phone.. But it's way less than enough.. :(

And the last one is 'the bestfriend of my life'.. We've been bestfriends since junior high.. She graduated last year and has been working in a bank since then.. She's been soooo busy with her job plus the working-hour is so damn long (she usually gets home by 10 p.m.!!!).. Not to mention she's been having some problems with her boyfriend for some times.. I understand completely that her life may be get a bit messy nowadays, that she feels terribly exhausted.. But as her bestfriend, I want to be there for her.. I want to support her.. I want to listen to her.. But how can I possibly do all those things when she didn't even tell me that she'd changed her cellphone number??? Everytime I called her I just got her voicemail.. I found out her new number anyway, and she apologized.. Still, it made me a bit upset..

Well.. the point of this post is that I miss them.. Badly.. I miss my 'brother', my 'e' from 'epals', and last but definetely not least.. 'the bestfriend of my life'..

'Til we meet again, then..

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ydoea June 25, 2007 at 12:25 AM  

now i finally found out why she hasnt reply any of my msgs lately (like in.. late 6 months actually. har har)

thanks for the info nis. really.. informative. :)