Saturday, June 5, 2010

Re: something special

dear errr..what's your name again?,

there you go again, nice touch with those songs and personal stuffs.. we thought you finally got tired or hit by a bus or something.. good to know you're alive, dear..

we're not gonna lie here, your emails did bug us at first..but now we simply see them as hilarious and quite entertaining.. it's amusing, really, to see how hard you're trying to piss us off.. your little evil mind must be getting a bit tired by now, no? we sincerely hope you haven't run out of ideas yet..

we'd like to thank you for sending us those "free entertainment", and basically for your existence , you know, give us something to laugh about since there's nothing good on tv these days.. your existence has also been a great reminder for us to be more grateful for everything we've got.. to be honest, we never truly realized before how lucky we are for having a healthy healthy healthy mind and emotions, unlike some people.. ;)

well, we think that's all we need to say to you.. looking forward to your next move, dear..

warmest regards,

ps. oh by the way, we happen to know a really good shrink, like..a really good one! let us know if you need the know, if somehow you ever get too depressed or have an urge to kill yourself or something like that..we'd be more than happy to help! ;)


dini June 5, 2010 at 2:51 PM  

what a write it..^^ this is my fav from all off yours...
*cengar cengir*