Monday, January 29, 2007

craving for existance, huh??! =p

Yesterday, my mom asked me "what is a blog?" .. Then, after I explained to her, her second question was "why do you blog?" .. Mmm.. took me a while to think of an answer..

Why do I blog..? Well, apparently I blog for no specific reason.. I just love having a place where I can put anything I like.. My random thoughts, my stories, my stupid poems, basically anything.. I like to keep them some place else beside in my own head.. I like to share them, even if nobody cares to read.. I don't give a damn of how many people read my post.. And I don't care whether people like it or not.. I blog simply because I want to blog..and I enjoy doing it.. Hell with _quoting a friend =p_ craving for an existance whatsoever.. Hehehehehe..

Anyway.. enough about that.. The rain is pouring down outside.. And the big breakfast I had this morning's kinda showing its effect to me.. I'M SLEEPY.. Ughh.. I think God's punishing me for eating like a pig.. Hehehehe..

-the kinda look of my face after the big breakfast..=p-

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