Thursday, January 18, 2007

panic! is my middle name..

Right now I'm working on my ass.. whoops.. I mean my final ASSignment for my Media Planning subject.. And I'm stuck.. So here I am..blogging.. hehehehe.. The deadline is tomorrow morning, by the way.. But what the hell.. What's wrong with all those lecturers who think of us as the real media planner.. Hellooo.. We're not.. We're just some 4th-year undergraduate students who've been working our asses off to graduate as soon as possible.. Please don't hold us back.. Please, Sir..and Ma'am..

Ughhhh.. GOD.. My Merciful GOD.. Please please please let me graduate this year.. Hopefully next semester... *crossing my fingers*.. And also let me pass the "kapita selekta komunikasi" subject which final exam last tuesday was my worst exam ever.. Hiks.. Uhhhm GOD, do I ask for too much?