Monday, January 29, 2007

craving for existance, huh??! =p

Yesterday, my mom asked me "what is a blog?" .. Then, after I explained to her, her second question was "why do you blog?" .. Mmm.. took me a while to think of an answer..

Why do I blog..? Well, apparently I blog for no specific reason.. I just love having a place where I can put anything I like.. My random thoughts, my stories, my stupid poems, basically anything.. I like to keep them some place else beside in my own head.. I like to share them, even if nobody cares to read.. I don't give a damn of how many people read my post.. And I don't care whether people like it or not.. I blog simply because I want to blog..and I enjoy doing it.. Hell with _quoting a friend =p_ craving for an existance whatsoever.. Hehehehehe..

Anyway.. enough about that.. The rain is pouring down outside.. And the big breakfast I had this morning's kinda showing its effect to me.. I'M SLEEPY.. Ughh.. I think God's punishing me for eating like a pig.. Hehehehe..

-the kinda look of my face after the big breakfast..=p-

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Saturday, January 27, 2007

straight jacket feeling

I remember a few months ago.. There was one windy night, me and some friends hung out together.. We wanted to cheer my broken-hearted friend.. We talked.. We laughed.. We sang.. Tried our best to make him smile..

From all of the songs we sang that night.. There's one song that I remember the most.. There's one that until now, everytime I hear that song.. I remember him.. My broken-hearted friend.. And I remember that night.. The night I saw true pain in his eyes.. Eventhough he finally smiled, he just couldn't hide the sorrow..

Here's the song... Straight Jacket Feeling from The All American Rejects..

Back me down from backing up
Hold your breath now it's stacking up
Etched with marks, but I can deal
And you're the problem and you can't feel

Try this on, straight jacket feeling
so maybe I won't be alone
Take back now, my life you're stealing
Yesterday was hell

But today I'm fine without you
Runaway this time without you
And all I ever thought you'd be
That face is tearing holes in me again

Trust you is just one defense
off a list of others, you don't make sense
Beg me time and time again
to take you back now, but you can't win

Take back now, my life you're stealing
Yesterday was hell

But today I'm fine without you
Runaway this time without you
And all I ever thought you'd be
That face is tearing holes in me again

but today I'm fine without you
Runaway this time without you
And all the things you put me through
I'm holding on by letting go of you

And when the memory slips away
There will be a better view from here
And only lonesome you remains
and just the thought of you I fear
it falls away

Yesterday was hell

But today I'm fine without you
Runaway this time without you
And all I ever thought you'd be
That face is tearing holes in me again

but today I'm fine without you
Runaway this time without you
And all the things you put me through
I'm holding on by letting go of you

Sadly, I've never seen him again since that night.. I don't know how he is right now.. Hopefully his pain's healed.. He's a good man.. I pray for him to find his true love.. I pray for him to be happy.. No matter where he is right now.. No matter what he's doing.. Simply because he deserves it..

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Sunday, January 21, 2007

little low..

It's raining outside.. This kinda cold weather usually makes my mood a little low.. But now , it's not the weather.. It's just me..

Let's just say..I heard someone mentioned a name.. The one that I'd never expected to hear on that kinda conversation we had.. Well, actually I've had no reason to be upset whatsoever.. From the beginning I knew I wouldn't have a chance when it comes to this matter.. From the beginning I knew it would come up eventually.. I thought it wouldn't bother me this much.. But I guess I was wrong.. It does upset me.. A lot..

Well... maybe I've just got to get used to it.. *sigh*

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new template.. no earthbound...

Still can't sleep.. :(

I've got a new template.. I'm kinda bored with the old template so I put this new one.. Actually I don't really like the colors.. But I love the picture of the angel above.. Mmm.. maybe next time I'll search for another template.. I wish I could make it on my own.. I've had tons of idea in my head.. Unfortunatelly I'm just too stupid to put them in html whatsoever.. TT

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staying up all night..

Well..well..well.. it's 4.30 in the morning.. and I am not feelin' sleepy at all.. Err, I got up at 12 p.m yesterday.. Maybe that's the reason why I can't manage myself to sleep now.. While waiting for my eyes to get tired, here I am doing some blogwalking, filling out some craps at bulletin boards, and singing along.. huhuhu..

Here's one of the q/a thingy I found in one of my friends' blog.. So not important.. I don't even know why I'm posting it here.. Though none of my posts here is important.. hehehe..

1.Story behind your fv song?
foolish games.. mmm..just love it..
2. What month were you born in?
3. Where do you live?
jakarta-and this middle of nowhere called jatinangor

D E S C R I B E Y O U R . .

4. Wallet:
mmm..long..corduroy..retro printed
5. Dream car:
mmm ford ranger.. prefferably red..=p
6. Toothbrush:
7. Jewelry worn daily:
8. Pillow Case:
white with blue dots
9. Eyes:
mmm..little.. =p
10. House color:
uhhmmmm...mostly white, green, and the natural color of bricks
11. Love life:
perfectly fine =)
12. Cologne/Perfume: after sunset-peach
13. CD in stereo:
14. Piercings:

W H A T A R E Y O U . . .

15. Wearing:
skinny jeans, maroon t-shirt, dark blue sackdress
mmm..good grades this semester..
17. The last thing you ate?
caramel pop corn
18. Something you are afraid of?
rat, crossing the busy street
19. Do you like candles?
very much..
20. Do you like the taste of blood?
puhlease!!!come on...
21. Do you believe in love?
very much indeed
22. Do you believe in soul mates?
23. Do you like seafood?
very very very much..
24. Do you remember your dreams?
25. Do you consider yourself a study freak?
nu uh.. not at all..
26. Do you like tattoos?
like to see it on other's body.. not on mine.. hehehe..
27. Do you believe in miracles?
mmm..sometimes i guess..
28. Do you burn easily in the sun?
yup.. my face will turn red like boiled crab
29. Do you speak another language?
mmm.. does body language count??
30. What's something you wish you could understand better?
people around me
31. Are you shy around your crush?
hehehehe... sometimes..
32. Got any plans for the weekend?
nope..just go where the wind blows.. hehehehe
33. Do you miss anyone?
yup.. my peeps..
34. Have you ever been in a beauty pageant?
35. Orange juice or apple?
definetely orange..
36. Who were the last people you went out to dinner with?
37. What was the last text message you sent?
masih,... knapa?? kmu blm bo2?
38. Lucky number?
39. Last time you ate a homegrown tomato?
mmm..few months ago i guess..
40. Have you ever won a trophy?
41. Are you a good cook?
eerrr... not really...
42. Have you ever eaten a snake?
43. Do the Chinese really use cats in their food?
what?? i mean..really?? never heard of it.. i hope they don't..
44. Have you ever had to wear a uniform to school?
yup.. from kindergarten til highschool..
45. What was the last movie u saw in the cinema?
blood diamond
46. Would you rather find true love or be a millionaire?
what if he's a millionaire??? hehehheh..
47. Do you believe in love at first sight?
well i thought i did.. but i don't anymore..
48. What is/are your favorite animal(s)?
49. Who is the second last person to call you?
my mama
50.What do you like about yourself?
there's no other me.. ;)

Thursday, January 18, 2007

panic! is my middle name..

Right now I'm working on my ass.. whoops.. I mean my final ASSignment for my Media Planning subject.. And I'm stuck.. So here I am..blogging.. hehehehe.. The deadline is tomorrow morning, by the way.. But what the hell.. What's wrong with all those lecturers who think of us as the real media planner.. Hellooo.. We're not.. We're just some 4th-year undergraduate students who've been working our asses off to graduate as soon as possible.. Please don't hold us back.. Please, Sir..and Ma'am..

Ughhhh.. GOD.. My Merciful GOD.. Please please please let me graduate this year.. Hopefully next semester... *crossing my fingers*.. And also let me pass the "kapita selekta komunikasi" subject which final exam last tuesday was my worst exam ever.. Hiks.. Uhhhm GOD, do I ask for too much?

Saturday, January 13, 2007

if only i could write a song..

aku mengenalmu dengan sejuta rasa
yang menjadikanmu lebih nyata
dari sekedar mereka yang mengaku cinta

dengan berbagai rupa tawa itu selalu ada
mengiring waktu yang mengukuhkan
hari-harimu dalam genggaman jemariku

inilah masa yang kuharap bisa
menjadi beku oleh beningnya pagi
di mana kau menyapa

meski hanya sedetik kuharap kau untukku

Sunday, January 7, 2007

today is the day...

hmmm... today is absolutely the day.. i don't even know where to start.. well, let's just say that i'd been earthbound for quite a long time.. and now.. i'm officially spreading my wings to fly and soar above the sky.. above all my fears.. above all my nightmares..

i guess you don't get what i'm talking about, do you? hehehe.. sorry.. it's just too hard to express how i feel when all of the sudden i'm back up on cloud #nine.. *wink*

i said i was happy..but i lied.. i was much more than happy.. and i am much much much more than happy now..

hmmm... eventhough i've got cold and terrible headache.. eventhough i've only slept for 2 hours.. eventhough i've got tons of readings to catch up.. eventhough my assignments are waiting to be finished.. but i can't feel bad at all today.. happiness is without a doubt the only thing on my mind..

i'm feeling like posting a lyric here for someone tonight..


Goodnight, my someone, goodnight, my love.
Sleep tight, my someone, sleep tight, my love.
Our star is shining its brightest light,
For goodnight, my love, for goodnight.

Sweet dreams be yours, dear, if dreams there be
Sweet dreams to carry you close to me.
I wish they may and I wish they might.
Now goodnight, my someone, goodnight.

True love can be whispered from heart to heart,
When lovers are parted they say.
But I must depend on a wish and a star
As long as my heart doesn't know who you are.

Sweet dreams be yours, dear, if dreams there be
Sweet dreams to carry you close to me.
I wish they may and I wish they might.
Now goodnight, my someone, goodnight.

Goodnight! Goodnight!

well.. goodnight to you all..

Wednesday, January 3, 2007

the day of quizes... ;)

I'm going back to Jatinangor this afternoon.. Hiks.. Sad to leave home, especially knowing that I might not come back soon.. I'll have my final exams next week and my job training at Female Radio will start right after.. So, apparently no break for me until the next semester.. :(

Anyway.. today I took some quizes from just for killing time.. And I'm posting the results here so you all can see.. But before, i've got to warn you that the stuffs i'm posting are really2 unimportant.. So if you have better things to do.. Just close my blog's window and do your things.. But if you're really that bored and absolutely have nothing else to do.. Keep reading!!! Hehehehe...

It turned out I'm more a cat than a dog.. Miaooww...

You Are: 30% Dog, 70% Cat

You and cats have a lot in common.
You're both smart and in charge - with a good amount of attitude.
However, you do have a very playful side that occasionally comes out!

I was really excited to find out how gross I am.. Hehehe.. Luckily, it said I'm not that gross.. fiuhhh...
You Are 36% Gross

You're a tad gross, but generally you're a clean, hygienic person.
No one can be perfectly clean all the time, and it's better to be human than a neat freak.

I guess I always know that I'm more a right brained than a left brained.. But still I took this quiz...
You Are 45% Left Brained, 55% Right Brained

The left side of your brain controls verbal ability, attention to detail, and reasoning.
Left brained people are good at communication and persuading others.
If you're left brained, you are likely good at math and logic.
Your left brain prefers dogs, reading, and quiet.

The right side of your brain is all about creativity and flexibility.
Daring and intuitive, right brained people see the world in their unique way.
If you're right brained, you likely have a talent for creative writing and art.
Your right brain prefers day dreaming, philosophy, and sports.

What is my PERSONALITY??? hmm.. kinda exciting... Eventhough the result said that I'm Idealist???? Huhuhuhu.. I guess it's a little too good to be true.. =p
You Are An INFP

The Idealist

You are creative with a great imagination, living in your own inner world.
Open minded and accepting, you strive for harmony in your important relationships.
It takes a long time for people to get to know you. You are hesitant to let people get close.
But once you care for someone, you do everything you can to help them grow and develop.

You would make an excellent writer, psychologist, or artist.

And finally this one.. I only took all these quizes for fun.. I was so shocked when I found out the result for this one.. Because, it's so damn right.. Everything it said about me is true.. Simply true.. Quite shocking.. Hehehehe...
The Keys to Your Heart

You are attracted to those who are unbridled, untrammeled, and free.

In love, you feel the most alive when your lover is creative and never lets you feel bored.

You'd like to your lover to think you are stylish and alluring.

You would be forced to break up with someone who was emotional, moody, and difficult to please.

Your ideal relationship is open. Both of you can talk about everything... no secrets.

Your risk of cheating is low. Even if you're tempted, you'd try hard not to do it.

You think of marriage as something precious. You'll treasure marriage and treat it as sacred.

In this moment, you think of love as something you don't need. You just feel like flirting around and playing right now.

Fiuhh... actually I took more quizes but I think it's too long to post them all.. Well I guess now at least you know what to do to kill your time beside reading my unimportant post, rite??? Ciao...

Monday, January 1, 2007

2007 has come... *wink*

It's officially the first day in the year of 2007.. So far so good.. haha.. It's only been less than 14 hours, actually.. =p

How bout my new year's eve??? Hmmm.. I spent it in the most unusual way.. Totally different from the past years.. But I enjoyed it very much.. It was great.. For those who happened to know what I was doing last night.. Please.. i mean PLEASE.. forever hold your silence!!! hehehehe...

Anyway.. I do have many big hopes for this year ahead.. But I guess I'd better keep them for myself and simply do my best to make them come true.. This year's definetely gonna be the year full of hard works and efforts.. But, hey.. gotta work to get the cream, haven't we all?

Last but not least.. let me wish you all a bright and happy New Year.. o^_^o