Saturday, December 30, 2006

me... being girl.. o^_^o

Here I am.. posting again.. huhuhuh.. I know I've been pretty moody with this blog thingy.. Anyway, I'm home now.. Just got back from bandung half an hour ago..

Yesterday I went to nangor to do my media research assignment which has to be collected this morning.. I spent very long and depressing hours doing that damn assignment I almost cried out loud.. I was so happy when I finally finished it..

After that.. eventhough I was exhausted, yet I still couldn't manage myself to get into bed.. So I reached my cell phone and called Uty.. We chatted for over an hour.. After I hung up with uty.. I tried to call Shinta.. But she didn't pick up.. I guessed she'd been asleep.. But then she called me.. She said she'd fallen asleep but my call woke her up.. And then the whole "girls talk" ritual started again.. I looked at the clock when I finally hung up the phone.. It was almost 2 in the morning! hehehehe.. I spent hours talking on the phone with them but sure it didn't feel that long at all..

Talking with my girls is nothing but fun.. fun.. fun.. We tell each other everything.. We share stories..gossips..anything.. We laugh.. sometimes hysterically.. hehehe.. It's always been fun.. I haven't spent much time with my girls lately.. So at least I try to catch up by phone.. Hopefully after final exam, few weeks from now, we can manage some time to hang out together.. I kinda miss them..

Especially for Diyan, Shinta, Uty, Uwhie, Tiwi, and Ita.. If you read this post, babes.. I'm really looking forward to spending some quality time together with you all.. It's sad we can't celebrate new year together as we planned before.. Anyway, hope you all have a very happy new year.. Love you..

Hmm.. I guess that's all for now.. I'll post again soon.. Hopefully before this year really ends.. Ciao!


dEe January 1, 2007 at 6:40 PM  

i miz tHat mOmeNt tOo,,
reaLLy miz,, sOoOo muCh!!
i waNt tO sPend sO many tiMes aNd dO so maNy tHings wiTh oL of u gaLz...

cOme oN,, let's get d paRty sTartEd!! hehehehe...

Loves u muCh gaLz..