Sunday, December 31, 2006

me... counting down...

Hey.. hey.. hey.. 1st of all i'd like to say Happy Ied Adha to you.. Today my whole family gathered at my grand parents' house celebrating the big day.. I ate a lot of lamb.. huhuhu.. Lamb is definetely my fav kinda meat.. Molto delicioso!!! =p

And tonight.. Tonight is New Year's Eve.. Hmmm..I can't believe 2006 is almost over.. There are LOTS of things happened to me this year.. Not only the good ones, but also the terrible ones.. hehehe.. To be honest, this year's been pretty tough for me.. But I'm thankful for everything that happened to me this year.. I believe everything's happened for a reason.. And this "tough year"of mine has made me a stronger..and (hopefully) a better person... =)

Before this year is really over.. I guess I can think back a little while and just answer these questions I've got from FS Bulletin Board.. Just a little self reflection.. ^_^

1) Was 2006 a good year for you?
hmm.. not my favorite year so far..

2) What was your favorite moment of
the year?
my 2 months in middle of nowhere called Sembawa for KKN credits

3) What was your worst moment
hmmm.. that one night (ironically) in the holly month..

4) Where were you when 2006 began?
somewhere around jakarta

5) Who were you with?

6) Where will you be when 2006 ends?
somewhere around jakarta =p

7) Who will you be with when 2006 ends?
them!!! lucky me.. ;)

8) Did you keep your new years
resolution of 2006?
didn't even have new year resolutions

9) Do you have a new years resolution
for 2007?
hmm.. graduate with good grade.. amin..

10) Did you breakup with anyone in
i did

11) Did you make any new friends in
sure.. lots of new friends.. *grinch*

12) Who are your favorite new friends?
them.. my "second family" for the unforgettable two months

13) What was your favorite month of
mmm..december i guess..

14) Did you travel outside the country
in 2006? Where?
once.. only to that teeny tiny island over the sea..

15) How many different country did you
travel to in 2006?
look above..

16) Did you lose anybody close to you
in 2006?

17) Did you miss anybody in the past
yea.. lotta people i guess..

18) What was your favorite movie that
you saw in 2006?
whoa.. i can barely remember.. i saw tons of them..

19) What was your favorite songs from
mmmm... another hard question.. there are many.. but i can only think of "again & again - Jewel" for now..

20) What was your favorite memory from
2006? survival from that terrible 'thing'.. ;)

21) How many concerts did you see in

22) Did you have a favorite concert in
yup.. oka.. oka.. oka..

23) Did you drink a lot of alchohol in

24) Did you do a lot of drugs in 2006?
what kinda drugs? i used some pain killers and some other medication.. hehehe

25) How many people did you kiss in
2006? can I tell? =p

26) Did you do anything you are
ashamed of this year?
kinda.. hehehe.. there was one thing i did that i'm very much ashamed of.. but i'd rather not mention it here.. hehehehe...

Well.. I gotta go now.. I do hope your New Year's Eve is going to be some kinda night to remember... Goodbye 2006!!


fira January 1, 2007 at 7:00 PM  

22) Did you have a favorite concert in
yup.. oka.. oka.. oka..

hell yeah,,,he's so yummy,,,,