Friday, December 1, 2006

me.. on a high..

huahhhh... i'm so happy!!! finally i have internet connection in my room.. no need to spend hours in warnet again.. hihihii..

this morning, Andin, Ida, and I, went to SMUN 5 Bandung to do some research for our Media Literacy Project.. While waiting for the principal, we wandered around the school.. The building's so amazing.. with its antiquated architectures.. such as very high ceiling, huge windows and doors, etc.. my friends actually found the atmosphere's a bit creepy.. hehehe.. but since i've got huge interest in old buildings, i didn't sense anything wrong.. huahh.. i love the school.. the building.. the atmosphere..

and suddenly i miss being high school student.. i had such a great time back in high school.. made great friends also.. if only i could turn back time just for a day.. i'd come back to one of those days.. just to smile again and then freeze the memories forever..

missing my high school buddies rite now.. missing esti, pipiet, lani, shita, alfred, jack, magma, ichad, dhechan, dewi, dwita, arina, nophe, adhek, and everybody whose face and story stays inside my head.. under the big chapter of High School Memory...


ichad December 2, 2006 at 11:39 PM  

wuaaah, daku dikangenin huhehehe jadi malu.. :p kangen ma nisa juga ah hehehe :p